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Tailored Events

In case of interest, we can provide a complete technical and organizational set up of the whole event, including activities outside the KCC. It includes services such as accommodation, graphic arrangements, printing, web page design, conference bags, social events, cultural events, etc. We have our own registration and booking system G5 available which offers: 

1. On-line registration

2. Automated confirmation of all registrations

3. Hotel reservations, including special requirements (non-smoking rooms, disabled access) and monitor hotel


4. Complete record access of all payments, both received and outstanding

5. Invoicing and financial bookkeeping of events

6. Direct communication by email with delegates

7. Provides detailed information on participants‘ requirements

8. Registration record for accompanying persons, social events and tours

9. Reporting (statistics, name lists, graphs and other congress data)

10. Preparation and printing of badges


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