In 2012, we were approached by the owner of the City Empiria property, PPF RE, to see if we would be interested in taking over and operating the City Conference Centre.

We accepted the offer and we continue to operate the City Conference Centre to this day, extending our lease for a further five years in 2023.

We pride ourselves on the concept of “value for money” and we have received the same feedback from our clients.

The City Conference Centre offers a total of three rooms and up to five sections (two rooms are divisible).

The maximum capacity of the main hall is 300 people (theatre style) and a total of up to 480 people can be seated throughout the centre.

When the City Conference Centre is combined with its partner venue Cubex Centrum Praha, (its own shared entrance is available) up to seven halls, thirteen sections, with a total capacity of up to 1700 people can be offered.